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Storm Damage Restoration

The one thing we’ve learned is when a storm hits your home or place of business everything from fire, water, and wind damage is a possible contingency. Total Construction & Renovation in Warren, MI has been involved with storm restoration projects that came about from high winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and even hurricanes. Although most of our work is done here in Metro Detroit, we have traveled from New England down to Florida to work in some of the most storm-devastated communities in just over the last three years alone. We were on the ground helping storm victims after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

Often during serious storm events, neighborhoods and towns are evacuated and residents are unable to return for an extended period of time. In these cases, the need for mold remediation services are also required.

When it comes to storm damage in Michigan, find a company experienced in construction, mold remediation, and restoration to help get everything back to where it needs to be.

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Common Questions:
Q. Is there a time limit for filing an insurance claim?
A. If you’re going to file an insurance claim, then do so quickly! Some insurance companies actually set a time limit, so do it soon to make sure you get covered.

Q. What are some things I should avoid after a storm hits my area?
A. Don’t use matches or lighters anywhere near an area that has been hit by a storm. Gas lines in the area may have leaks, so be sure they have been inspected first. If you need help seeing, then use a flashlight or cell phone instead. Also, your local tap water may not be safe after a disaster, so be careful. Drink bottled water or boil your water instead to remove any contaminants.

Storm Restoration:
• Roofing
• Siding
• Gutters
• Windows
• Drywall
• Insulation
• Framing
• Structural
• Doors
• Sky Lights
• Tree Removal
• Demolition

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